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Tetra Whisper EX 30 Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter

(8 customer reviews)


  • The Tetra Whisper EX Power Filter provides silent multi-stage filtration for clear clean water
  • Sets up easily right out of the box – no priming required
  • Moves water continuously to prevent debris buildup
  • Design minimizes dripping to make cartridge changes easy
  • No assembly or priming required—it’s ready to use right out of the box.
  • Scientifically engineered continuous water flow action helps prevent debris buildup.
  • The outflow maximizes water agitation and oxygenation.
  • Time-strip technology lets you know when it’s time to replace the filter.
  • This filter fits 20 to 30-gallon aquariums
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For 50 years, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that add ease and beauty to their homes. Whether you’re an experienced hobbyist or just starting out, Tetra has everything you need–-from a large variety of quality fish food and innovative equipment to test kits and decor. Tetra Whisper EX30 Power Filter is an intuitive filtration system. Every feature of the Whisper EX has been designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. This is truly an intuitive filtration system. Outflow maximizes water agitation and oxygenation. Whisper EX Filtration Systems use Tetra EX Carbon Filters. This filter is ready to go right out of the box with no priming required. Continuous flushing action prevents debris from buildup with scientifically engineered water flow. The Whisper EX 30 Power Filter is great for 20-30 gallon aquariums. Use large cartridges to keep your power filter working properly. Allow Whisper Multi-stage power filtration to keep your aquarium clean and clear.

Tetra Whisper Power Filter EX30

  • Bio-Bag Filter Size Large Cartridge
  • Aquarium Size Up to 30 Gallons
  • Certified Flow Rate (gph/lph) 160/605

Multi-stage filtration system!

Filter cartridge carrier

The Tetra Whisper Power Filter comes with a filter cartridge carrier that keeps your hands clean and eliminates any unwanted drips.

Timestrip technology

The Whisper EX models come with Timestrips that tell you when your carbon filter needs to be changed — simply change the cartridge when the Timestrip changes from white to red, indicating the carbon has been used up. Timeslips come free with each filter. All you need to do is press firmly on the button and timing will begin.

Multi-stage filtration with bio-scrubber

Unlike other filters, the Whisper EX directs water through multiple densities of floss to remove particles. The carbon inside eliminates odors, discoloration, and impurities. The Bio-Scrubber removes ammonia and nitrites that are toxic to your fish.

Maximum oxygenation

The Tetra Whisper EX filter is designed to move your aquarium’s water continuously. The outflow optimizes water oxygenation while the motor operates quietly.

Can be used in turtle tanks

The Tetra Whisper EX filter can be used in turtle tanks. The water level must stay above the minimum water level line at all times, which means it needs to be within 3-4 inches of the top of the tank.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6.2 × 7.2 × 9.7 in
Filter Location

Filter Type

Flow Rate


Tank Capacity

8 reviews for Tetra Whisper EX 30 Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter

  1. L.C.R.

    I’ve only been running this for a day but I LOVE IT. I got the 10 gallon filter as a replacement for my Tetra Whisper 2-10i filter, which became infiltrated with brown algae beyond repair (I’m learning how to do plants…oops). This was for a 10gal with a betta and two Cory catfish.It has a quiet, steady hum, and it sits sturdily in place on the back. The suction is good and the flow is amazing, but will be far too much for most bettas. As some others have said, definitely make sure that the suction cage tube is snug; if the tube comes loose, your fish are exposed to the open pipe leading into the filter’s motor. That’s the one big design flaw about it, unfortunately, but this was a second choice for me anyway (Fluval C2, why must you always be out of stock?!). You could always put a decoration under the suction cage to sort of wedge it in place to be safe; I might do that myself, but it seems fine.My customization techniques:I cut some plastic mesh off of an onion bag and used twine to baste stitch and fit it to the suction piece. That way something prevents my fishies’ fins from being sucked in and injured.As for the flow, I cut a plastic dish scrubber so that it was held in place by the bio scrubber and the rest of it hung down to slow the flow. Its flow is amazingly perfect now. Pics attached if anyone wants to take inspiration from me. 🙂 These adjustments took maybe 10 minutes. Good luck y’all!!

  2. Online shopping lover

    Just got in the mail and set it up! So far so good. It’s not any louder than the one I had before. Actually might be quieter. It’s very good at aerating the water. And the fish seem so happy. Placed in my 10 gallon tank. Hoping for crystal clear water. Its a very nice filter. Has a bio scrubber and a charcoal filter. The top has a litrle lid so you can remove the filter easily.

  3. Tatt2edtears06

    I’ve had my 55 gallon fish tank for a few years now and just recently my original whisper ex70 that came with it started not sucking in or putting out as much water as it should. I tried everything I tried cleaning it I tried making sure it was unclogged everything and it’s still didn’t want to work up to par and was causing my fish tank to be dirtier than it should and causing my fish to be stressed. I decided just to buy a new one and I already know how to use this specific model and have replacement filter inserts for them so I just got the same one. It’s pretty easy to use it comes almost completely set up. When you get it out of the box all you have to do is open the filter packages and put them right back in where they already were. You’re going to want to put it on the back of your fish tank and connect the downstem which is the piece that sucks in the water. It comes with three different pieces so you can adjust the height for the tank that you’re using I didn’t use one of the pieces because I didn’t want it to go down that far. all you do at that point is plugged in. If it doesn’t suck up enough water to fill the reservoir and get started by itself you can simply scoop some water out of your fish tank and put it into the reservoir. When I started it it filled up all by itself and went instantly without any problems. this filter comes with two charcoal filters which are not my favorite of these products because the clip on the top of those holders seems to come apart which makes them harder to replace but you can still do it. I like to take them out and rinse them out every so often and replace them every couple of months. overall my first one lasted me a few years and I’m hoping this one last me a few more

  4. Mikey’s grandma

    I bought the larger size (20 gallon) by mistake but decided to keep it and try it out in our 5 gallon tank, it’s super quiet no noise at all and it keeps my aquarium water cristal clear. I put a piece of aquarium filter foam to slow down the flow for my Betta (see first pics) and is working great. He seems relax at peace swimming around without any issues. I change the filter every 6 wks just because i have the fliter cartridges, all the water tests come out clear, all good. Highly recommended, i like it a lot!I ordered the same filter but smaller size (for a 10 gallon) for my 3 gallon tank and is working great too, silent and durable! I also put a piece of filter foam to slow the water flow, see pics. Highly recommended

  5. Michelle

    Bought this filter for my 20 gallon aquarium. I’ve also owned the same filter a few times in the past. They do break eventually, but I always repurchase. Also, it’s kind of my fault that the last one burnt out, because I was out of town and the water level got too low. Don’t allow these filters to suck air, it will burn them out for sure. I’m sure it would have lasted much longer if this hadn’t happened. Anyways, I bought the new one and it works great. It’s really easy to set up out of the box. It takes like 5 minutes to set up, and it runs consistently without any issues. If this one ever breaks, I’ll repurchase again, because it’s a great little filter for this size aquarium. Keep in mind that it won’t work if you have a larger tank or if you have plecos or turtles that poop a lot. At that point, it’s best to go with a canister filter 😉

  6. Lexi

    I had this same filter (purchased from petsmart) and it lasted 5 years. When it finally stopped working I ordered another. Works great on my 25 gallon tank. Quiet and reliable. Filters are not that expensive either if ordered from Amazon (at petsmart they are double the price). Filters are easy to change and this keeps the tank clean.

  7. Dan

    I love it. If you have a noise problem make sure you have the suction coupler connected correctly into the pump assembly. I love the Dual filter because I can put a 50 Micron polishing pad on first. That you can buy on Amazon and it comes in big sheets so it can save tons of money on filters do one side with 50 Micron leave the other side alone switch them out every other week if need be. My water is 100% crystal clear I have a 30 gallon with 3 koi it’s only temporary because one seven inch the other two are 4 inch which is way overkill for a 30 gallon tank but this thing keeps everything perfect I have to do 3 gallon water changes everyday but once the pond is ready they’ll be out in that it’s amazing that this thing can keep the water crystal clear. Just buy the 24 inch by 36 inch polishing pad don’t bother with the hundred Micron just go right to the 50 Micron it will polish your water out perfect 24/7 on one side keep the other side normal and you’re good to go. Then just make a template and cut out with sharp scissors a new filter and you will save tons of money

  8. Destiny Smith

    This is insanely quiet and gets the job done so well.I have a 29 gallon fish tank with around 10 fish in it (a mix of tetras, guppies, snails, and I have one Cordydora catfish). When my previous filter broke, I searched for a new one on Amazon looking for the best filter for the lowest price. I also realized that I was looking for a filter that wasn’t so loud. This was the perfect product for me. Instead of using the carbon filter it came with, I like to use the little plastic sponges. I put 4-5 down in the filter, clean them out during water changes, and they last forever.The only reason that would cause this filter to be loud is if the water level is too low. If you keep the water at the recommended level, it will stay quiet.A con to this filter (just like any filter) is it is pretty strong and creates a decent current at the top of the water. Bear that in mind for feeding purposes and if you have really small, fragile fish.OVERALL, it’s a good product. It’s quiet, convenient, and keeps my tank filtered and clear. I love it!

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