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Koller Products 2 Gallon Tropical 360 View Aquarium Starter Kit

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  • Energy-efficient LED lighting with 7 dazzling color selections to brightly illuminate your fish, choose daylight white, blue, green, amber, aqua, purple, or red.
  • Powerful internal power filter cleans and purifies aquarium water at a flow rate of 25 gallons per hour, effectively removing organic pollutants including colors, odors, heavy metals, and toxic gases, uses Tetra Whisper XS replacement cartridges.
  • Made of impact-resistant plastic with crystal-clear clarity so good that most think it’s made of glass; all the while providing leak-proof assurance, unlike glass tanks glued together with silicone, this one-piece tank puts to rest any worries or concerns about possible leaks
  • Easy to set up and maintain, this trendy fish tank will look good wherever you place it. Takes 3 AAA batteries (not included); optional Koller Products 5V Power Adapter (AQ51000) enables light to be plugged into a household electrical outlet, (available online). Dimensions: 10.2″ DIA x 10.5″ H.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Dedicated to serving our customers, need help or a replacement part, please contact us
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This 2-gallon Tropical 360 View Tank includes energy-efficient LED lighting with 7 color choices plus 4 transitioning and color combinations you can choose depending on the time of day or enhance your viewing pleasure along with an internal power filter that will keep your aquarium water optimal and your fish healthy. This trendy aquarium is designed for easy setup and maintenance. Imagine watching beautiful tropical fish gently swimming back and forth; ideal for helping forget about stress in everyday life. People enjoy watching aquariums as they can be calming and relaxing, as well as a beautiful addition to any home or office. Optional 5V power adapter (AQ51000) available on Amazon. Gravel and decor are sold separately. Uses Tetra Whisper XS filter cartridges.

Dimensions: 10.2″ DIA x 10.5″H.

This fish tank is totally a Win!

From the manufacturer

Koller Products 2-Gallon Aquarium Features

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Promotes Wellness Benefits

In our hectic daily lives filled with work, family activities, financial challenges, and overall stress, it is important for all of us to have ways of relieving this pressure. Owning an aquarium is not only decorative, but it has been proven to provide therapeutic benefits, increasing your overall health and well-being. Yes, watching an aquarium can significantly reduce your stress levels. Just imagine watching beautiful tropical fish swim gently back and forth, reducing tension while enhancing calmness, tranquility, and positive feelings.


Leak-Proof Assurance

One-piece construction provides superior strength and durability. This break-resistant plastic tank puts to rest any worries or concerns about possible leaks. Offering a unique, trendy shape, only plastic can provide crystal-clear clarity, so most think it’s made of glass. Ideal for families with children.


Energy-Efficient LEDs

Energy-efficient LED lighting with 7 dazzling, multiple color selections plus 4 transitioning and color combinations that brightly illuminate your fish with dazzling colors you can choose depending on the time of day or night. Exciting Color Selections: Amber, Aqua, Blue, Green, Purple, Red, and Daylight White.

aquarium filter

Optimal Filtration

The powerful, compact filter keeps aquarium water crystal clear and your fish healthy and happy. With a flow rate of 25 gallons per hour, which enhances beneficial gas exchange while increasing oxygen levels, fish waste and other impurities are quickly removed as the water is filtered through the Tetra Whisper XS filter cartridge.

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It’s About Successful Fish Keeping

People of all ages enjoy looking at aquariums and watching fish glide gracefully through the water. Aside from the belief that an aquarium is beautiful, many also feel that owning an aquarium can be relaxing, rewarding, and a great conversation piece all at the same time.

  • Keeping an aquarium at home or at your office can provide many wellness benefits
  • It helps you focus better, increasing productivity
  • Adds aesthetic significance to your space
  • Provides a calming effect on children and the elderly
  • Lowers your stress levels


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2-Gallon 360 View

  • 2-Gallon Fish Tank
  • LED Lighting with 7 Color Selections
  • Built-In Timer, 2H, 4H, and Always On
  • Internal Power Filter, 25GPH Flow Rate
  • Tetra Whisper XS Filter Cartridge


3-Gallon 360 View

  • 3-Gallon Fish Tank
  • LED Lighting with 7 Color Selections
  • Built-In Timer, 2H, 4H, and Always On
  • Internal Power Filter, 25GPH Flow Rate
  • Tetra Whisper XS Filter Cartridge

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6-Gallon 360 View

  • 6-Gallon Fish Tank
  • LED Lighting with 7 Color Selections
  • Built-In Timer, 2H, 4H, and Always On
  • Internal Power Filter, 45GPH Flow Rate
  • Tetra Whisper S Filter Cartridge

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10.2 × 10.2 × 10.5 in


Stand Material

Tank Capacity

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10 reviews for Koller Products 2 Gallon Tropical 360 View Aquarium Starter Kit

  1. HayBay

    Got this for my nephew for his 5th birthday! I knew it looked cool in the pictures but once I set it up I was SOOO excited! I couldn’t wait to give it to him! All the negative reviews people have about there not being a cover over the tube so the fish can get down in it, they fixed that, it comes with a little cover. The one about the lights being on the bottom, they aren’t on the bottom anymore they are on the lid, so the lights look great! Oh and the one about the air stone not working great, his is good! It’s been running over a week now and produces great bubbles! The first day I had to take it out and wipe it with my fingers a couple times and blow a quick breath into in to make sure it was all clear and after that the bubbles are great! His betta “Spiderman” is VERY VERY HAPPY!

  2. Archaeopteryx girl

    This is pretty okay for the price. I like the tank itself, and I do enjoy the lights when they work. I highly recommend putting the light in a plastic baggie like other reviewers have done to guard it against water damage. The light does eat through batteries very quickly, but I buy batteries from the dollar store so it doesn’t bother me that much. The filter was good at first. However, now it is making a huge amount of noise that is very distracting and makes it hard to even think at times. It sounds like the filter is getting ready to explode, and I haven’t even had the fish tank that long. I’m thinking I might just replace it with a different type of filter, though I wish I knew how to contact the manufacturer so that they can recommend what other type of filter would be compatible with the fish tank. Outside of the filter (which I hope will be easily replaceable), I actually really like the tank.Edit: I figured out how to contact the company, and asked them about the filter. They sent me a replacement filter, free of charge, and it arrived within a few days. This new filter actually works better out of the box than the first one did when I first set it up. I’m really happy with the customer service I was given, so I’ve updated my review from three to five stars.

  3. John V.

    I bought this aquarium back in December of 2014, and just today the lights went nuts on me too. I really like the tank and the effects of the lights. I was disappointed that it too fell prey to water damage. I was going to write a poor review of the product, yes there could be a better design to the light, just seal the unit.I went to the manufacturers website and contacted their customer support, I told them the problem, described fully. I was pleasantly surprised to get a response, same day, within a n hour of my e-mail, indicating they were shipping me a couple of replacement units for the light. When I get them I plan to seal them up with silicone, so I will not have any further issues.Overall it is a great tank, I have one Beta in the tank and it looks great, as for the pump noise, mine is very quiet.I am planning to get another to make into a mini guppy tank for my grandson.Those of you having issues with the light. Just write the MFG a note, I am sure they will be helpful.

  4. frackmana

    I love love Love these tanks. I have three bettas, and these tanks were just what I had been looking for. I don’t use the lights very much, but to protect them i used the advice several other reviewers had given and put them in plastic Ziploc bags before installing them on the tank lids. The filters do an excellent job. They are VERY quiet and easy to install compared to the Tetra whisper filter I got before getting these tanks. They keep the water flowing throughout the tanks, as well as keeping them clean. The water flow does not upset my bettas. The filters, which some people gave bad reviews because they claimed could not find ones that fit, were mistaken. The tetra XS filters are exactly like the original ones that came with the tank. I replace them every week, as well as change out 1/3 to 1/2 the water in the tanks to help keep the tanks clean and my fish happy. I also have a mystery snail in each tank to further help with keeping the tanks algae free. These tanks are amazing! I installed 4 to 5 plants, both artificial and real, to give my bettas and the snails plenty of places to hide, as well as some decor. I highly recommend these tanks!

  5. Sara

    Amazing price! Way better than expected! My previous tank started leaking and I had to get another quickly. This tank is so much better than my last one. The tank itself is the perfect size for my betta to flourish. My betta now has more room to explore and swim and he is even acting happier. I love the color changing lights and 360 view. The filter that comes with it is great quality and does it’s work, the water is always clear. It’s a whole kit for a starter aquarium. My betta loves it! Highly recommend!

  6. Charles Bowling

    Great tank for a few smaller fish! Doesn’t take up too much room & very easy to clean. I’ve used it for fish & African frogs. Filter is quiet & keeps it pretty clean. Light choices are fun too! Great starter aquarium, kids’ aquarium, or for your desk at work.

  7. Ashley Snyder

    I love love love this tank. I got it for my Dragon Scale Betta Achelous 2 weeks ago. He loves it. Then yesterday I was at Petco and I saw a very big King Betta in a tiny cup and felt bad for him. So I picked up the 3.5 gallon Half Moon tank and Zeus is now in fish heaven. The filter is super quiet and the lights are awesome. It was very easy to set up. I don’t know if I will buy another one because I don’t want to be the crazy fish lady. But I would totally recommend it to anyone.

  8. JLM

    Great tank! I use this for a betta fish. The filter would suck him toward the filter so he would rest behind it a lot so at first it was bummer. I bought an ornament for his tank, which is a medium sized watering jug type thing. I think this help break the strength of the current and he isn’t sucked up toward it now and spends more time swimming in and around the watering jug ornament. I keep the tank in my bedroom and the noise of the filter is very relaxing. I got this for such a great price too! This is a popular brand and can find the maintenance supplies to keep the tank clean at local Petco.

  9. 30yearold

    Several weeks in, and no complaints so far! We decorated with some accessories, including the betta leaf/hammock thing. It sounds ridiculous, but the fish love that leaf, so I would recommend that as well. The filters that you use with this tank have been lasting us at least 2 weeks- you just have watch that you are not over-feeding. We have not noticed the fish being bothered by the current from the filter. If anything, he likes that the food scatters around for him to chase.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I apologize in advance that my picture includes my top fin automatic feeder. I wanted to show that you are still able to put one of these on in the event you have to head out of town! Worked great. Now that thats out of the way, I LOVE this tank it is absolutely wonderful my betta loves it! The filter is great and each filter pouch keeps the tank very clean for about 3 weeks! My betta also enjoys the lights and it greatly helps him find his food during feeding time, it also makes the tank look beautiful. The tank is very easy to clean and is overall a great size. Best tank I have purchased.

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