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Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium Kit 1.1 Gallons

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  • Aquarium KIT Clear plastic half-moon-shaped front allows unobstructed viewing
  • MOVABLE LIGHT LED light can be positioned to the light tank from above or below – requires 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • IDEAL FOR BETTAS Bettas have large heavy fins that weigh them down so they do not need a lot of space bettas to require minimal maintenance and make a great species for beginners
  • CONVENIENT Clear canopy has a hole to make feeding fish easy
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Tetra Betta LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium includes a clear plastic, half-moon shaped tank with a clear plastic canopy and feeding hole. The adjustable LED light illuminates from either above or below the aquarium for bright, reliable, energy-efficient lighting. The aquarium holds 1.1 gallons, making it suitable for betta fish and other small fish—the general rule is one inch of fish per gallon. Requires 3X AA batteries (not included).

Key Benefits

  • Aquariums are fun, relaxing, rewarding, therapeutic, and educational.
  • Easy to set up with a sleek, clean look. The lid features a convenient feeding hole, so feeding is a breeze!
  • Requires 3AA Batteries (not included). It can also be charged with a Micro USB cable (not included).
  • Easy to set up, nice sleek clean look. The aquarium holds 1.1 gallons, making it suitable for betta fish and other small fish. The general rule is one inch of fish per gallon.
  • The adjustable LED light illuminates from above or below the aquarium for bright, reliable, energy-efficient lighting.

Half Moon Betta Aquarium

A stylish 1.1 gallon half-moon tank provides plenty of room for a Betta. The tank has an LED light that can be placed either above or below the tank. The small size is perfect on a desktop or in any room.

About Tetra

At Tetra, we’re dedicated to helping seasoned hobbyists and beginners alike enjoy a successful, life-long aquatic experience. We want to keep opening the way for more people to get involved, participate, and benefit from its rewards. Our goal is to reenergize the category by reinventing it –– building fish-, reptile-, and pond- keeping confidence, one innovation at a time. After all, we’re not just biologists, nutritionists, and chemists. We’re hobbyists, too!


HAZARDS TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS: Carefully examine your tank for chips or cracks. Do not operate if this kit is malfunctioning or if it has been dropped or damaged in any manner. Children under 13 should have adult supervision with setup, maintenance, and fish care. Do not use this kit for other than its intended use. Attachments not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may cause an unsafe condition. Make sure the aquarium is securely seated before filling or operating. Water in the battery compartment can cause leakage or corrosion. Do not operate if the batteries are leaking or corroded.

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10 reviews for Tetra LED Half Moon Betta Aquarium Kit 1.1 Gallons

  1. Katie

    This is a great product for temporarily housing fish. I’m afraid it isn’t large enough for fish in the long-term, but it works well as a quarantine/transport tank. I use it to transport my fish when changing apartments and it is very convenient for 2-3 days of use.Side note: Despite the marketing of small tanks like this, the minimum tank size for a betta should be 3 gallons, but preferably 5-10. Even bettas need filters and heaters. There simply isn’t enough room for either of those in this tank, not to mention very little space for the fish to move around. If you think your betta is happy, put it in a larger tank and see what happens! You’ll be surprised how lively and personable bettas can be.

  2. HoganK

    Beautiful little tank for our beta fish. Much better than the last one. The height of this one give the fish a better swimming area.

  3. Emma

    I bought this for my marimo, so I can’t comment on how good it is for fish, but it was perfect for what I needed! It sits on my computer desk near my CPU so I’m able to plug the USB cord for the light in there. I recommend using that over batteries, since the batteries only lasted a day or two for me.I will say the first one that came was broken by the rocks that were shipped with it, but Amazon replaced it very quickly with no hassle.

  4. Gregory F.

    Love this tank! Made my fish very pleased to be in a bigger environment. Also makes my dorm room seem much cooler than it actually is! the lights are a nice touch as well!

  5. Diana

    I LOVE this tank. I received my tank very quickly, and it was not broken. It had no dings nor scratches. It was so perfect, I ordered another! I got the tank set up, no leaks, and it easily fit all my decorations. I am so happy with this tank! It easily fits my Halfmoon Betta ( Aztec) and he is a very happy betta.(First three photos) There is quite a lot of room to swim. The lights are not too bight, as I thought they would be. I put in green frosted pebbles, and gorgeous green lights dance the walls at night. The tank was so nice, we put it in our living room, instead of my bedroom! ( My mom doesn’t like fish tanks, but she liked the elegant look of this tank.) My betta is a very happy little guy now! The second tank I ordered came just the same as the other. All my décor fit, and my Platy ( MacGyver) loves his new tank!(Last two photos) I previously had my platy in a 3 gallon, with a few others, but he killed all his “tank-mates” and the 3 gallon tank started to leak!!! So I loved the first one so much I ordered a second! He loves it! This tank also fits a Jardin corner Foam Bio-Filter, and Aqueon-mini heater perfectly! (I also used Tetra Aqua-Safe, and Tetra Safe-Start to help colonize the filter quickly.) I would highly recommend this tank to everyone, and anyone thathas/wants fish!~Edit~My Platy(MacGyver) just recently jumped thru the feeding hole and went sky diving and carpet sledding. He was alive when we found him, and he is happily in his tank again.(No injuries at all!) I would recommend putting a small screen over the feeding hole, if you have fish that likes to jump!

  6. Lynn

    This fish tank is much better than any starter tanks you will find in the pet store – and the price can’t be beat.PROS:* large enough for a betta to swim around and have some space* great design, perfect for offices, kid’s rooms, or anywhere else you’d like to put it* cordless!!!! My tank is for my office, which has VERY limited outlet space* the light is bright and makes the tank look beautiful* the light is exterior to the tank, which means that little splashes of water will not get inside the light to damage it (see photos). I’ve had many fish tanks before, and a damaged light from prolonged water exposure is the worst* the light runs on batteries, and there is also a space for you to plug it in. I’ve read in other reviews that the plug can charge the batteries, but I haven’t tested that theory yet. My Kindle charger fits, so you shouldn’t have to buy a whole new cord just to charge the light. You probably already have something around the house that matches.* easy to clean* the light can be used on the top of the tank or on the bottom (I put mine on the top, but I imagine it would look beautiful on the bottom if I had jewel rocks)CONS:* there are plastic bumps at the bottom of the tank, to hold the light in place if you want to put the light on the bottom. These bumps make it impossible to place artificial plants with large bases in the tank. Both of my plants are placed near the front of the tank to avoid the bumps, and I’d rather have the plants near the back. You can see the bumps in the photos (the bumps are exactly the same on the bottom of the tank as they are on the top of the tank).HOWEVER – the pros for this tank greatly outweigh the cons. I loved this tank so much, I ordered a second tank for my co-worker. She currently has a betta in a much smaller tank, and I know he’d be happier in this one.

  7. Detzel

    Perfect starter tank. Your Betta will be happy and have plenty of room to swim around. The light is enough to light the entire tank and is very handy in that you can have it either on top of the tank or the bottom. The light also takes batteries or you can plug it in. It does not come with a cable to hook up to the light but it is the same micro USB you have laying around the house to charge your android phone.Be nice to you fish and get them some plants to hide in. The tank does not come with any plants, rocks or filter so you will need to get them separate. The rocks and plants are cheap and they will certainly enrich the life or your fish.Without a filter the tank does get cloudy. This is normal for a tank without a filter. Your betta will be fine without a filter as they swim to the top to get air but they do need a clean tank. I tend to clean my tank about once every two weeks. If you over feed and your food settles at the bottom you will need to claim about every week. Cleaning is very easy. I just grab a glass and scoop Morty into it and set him on the counter. I empty the rocks and plants into a strainer and rinse them without any soap as you may have residue that will harm your fish. I use a cloth or paper towel and get all the surfaces clean so they dont seem slimy. Let your water sit for a bit before putting your fish back to avoid shock. You will also want to get water conditioner specifically designed for your betta.Good product, this will give you a happy fish!!

  8. Redsilas

    I literally had someone at work plop own a fish bowl with a beta fish on my desk and said ‘I’m outta here, take care of my fish’. The bowl was dirty and tiny and I had no idea how to take care of a beta fish. After loads of researching, I decided on this tank and I also bought SunGrow Betta Leaves, a silk plant, and some Tetra SafeStart Plus To Cycle New Aquariums. I followed the instructions online for how to slowly adjust the Betta to a new environment and set up the tank.The Betta went from barely moving in the old bowl to just thrilled. Within one day he was visibly happier. The Betta has double the swimming area in this tank than his previous bowl. I don’t use the lights with it and it sits in my son’s room away from the window so he gets natural light but doesn’t overheat.

  9. Charlotte Belle

    This is exactly what I was looking for when i started my tank search.- It is large enough (in my opinion) to house a beta.- It is simple to operate and put together.- The light can go on top of the tank to shine down from above or it can go below and shine through the rocks.- It has plenty of room to add plants and accessories of all kindsI love the half moon shape as it can go up against a wall if desired and makes viewing more expansive from all angles. This is the perfect tank and I will be purchasing for another room in the house!

  10. RushManZer0

    Easy set up, nice clean look. Includes cordless LED lights that use 3 AA batteries. I prefer this over a cord sticking out of a wall. You can place the lights under or over the tank. The lights give off great illumination. Not too bright, not too dim. I can see fish enjoying these lights because they are not overpowering.Another bonus is on the lid of the tank there is a feeding hole in the front. On the back left hand side there is a hole for a wire cord in case you decide to place a heater in the tank. This hole for wires has enough space for 2 large wires to come through.I have tons of different types of Betta tanks. This one is the best in my opinion. It’s the easiest to clean out of all the tanks I own. It looks nicer than the more expensive tanks I own and it’s very spacious.This is a great price for a simple, clean looking, easy to set up Betta tank. I highly recommend picking one of these up over other tanks that are similarly priced (or even over most expensive Betta kits). I live in Colorado so I put a heater in the tank during the winter. But most of the year it’s warm enough indoors so I don’t need a heater. Looks really nice without cords sticking out everywhere. Also since you don’t need a cord for powering on the lights, you can place this tank on most areas you couldn’t before. Totally love this tank and the price is unbeatable!Update (1/6/2016): I’ve included two pictures with my new Betta ‘Talon’ in it. He is larger than most Betta’s I’ve housed and it seems pretty spacious for him.

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